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The Wallace Monument - Stirling


The City of Stirling 

 The Royal Burgh of Stirling was chosen as the Queens selected  New City to celebrate her Majesty's Jubilee Year.

Stirling was already very proud of its status, as a Royal Burgh, which it had carried since -----, when it was presented, at that time by King Alexander

When it was given City Status, considerable thought was given to its place  in Scottish history. dating back to King Malcom, William Wallace and King Robert The Bruce

Not only was the history of the famous Old Burgh considered, but consideration was given to how it had developed into a thriving area, which excelled itself in Shopping facilities and places of interest, how in a relatively short time it had moved from being a little farming market town, to a place where there was varying types of industries and employment, such as the  base for a major Insurance Company, as well as Banking Headquarters, Government Executive Offices, Executive Offices of Major Whisky & Wine Manufacturers and also Major Builders. There is also the Stirling University, which is extremely proud of it's record, of a high educational standard and boasts probably the most beautiful University Campus in Britain if not the World .

With its natural historic background there are many places to visit , such as the very proud Stirling Castle, where much of Scotland's History was formed, from there to the National Wallace Monument, which sits at the top of the Abbey Craig, looking down on the scene of the Battle of Stirling Bridge. but also giving a view across the width of Scotland. The Monument received a major tourism boost, when the film "Braveheart" was released and increased the tourist numbers by over 200%, to this day the Monument remains a very busy tourist attraction. Back in the Top of Stirling's Od Town, a very interesting place to visit, is the Argyle Lodging, which was the home of the Kings representative in Scotland and just a few hundred yards from there, is the Church of the Holyrude, which dates back to the 12th Century and again, has played a major part in Scotland' s and Stirling's History. In the same area is the Tolbooth Building, which was the building in Stirling, where all things happened at one time, the building used to contain, Council Chamber, Court House, Prison, Public Office,Trading Facilities  and was where everything happen to effect Stirling, across the road from this building is Stirling's Old Town Jail, which is now a Live Museum and where you are shown how life was in Scotland's newest Prison of the time.

A few miles from there but still in Stirling, is the Bannockburn Centre, at the site of the Battlefield of Bannockburn, where Robert the Bruce, led his troops to victory, against the King of England "Proud Edward", who came to "Crush the Scots" for the final time, but was overwhelmingly beaten by the Scot's Army, led by Bruce this battle changing Scottish History for ever.   

Stirling Castle at night

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